The framework has a configuration DSL, which can be invoked in the onCreate method of your Application class.

Its usage looks like the following:

override fun onCreate() {

    rainbowCake {
        isDebug = false
        logger = Loggers.NONE
        consumeExecuteExceptions = true

The available settings, and their possible values:

  • isDebug: Boolean, false by default.
    • If set to false, it disables all internal logging of the framework, regardless of the setting of logger. May affect other behaviour in the future as well (in debug mode, prod behaviour will definitely not change). Recommended value is BuildConfig.DEBUG.
  • consumeExecuteExceptions: Boolean, true by default.
    • Determines whether the execute method in RainbowCakeViewModel should catch and log any uncaught exceptions in coroutines, or let them crash the app. Recommended to be set to false at the very least for debug builds, and should be considered even for production.
  • logger: enum, Loggers.NONE by default.
    • Determines how the framework should log its internal events. Available options in the core library are Loggers.NONE (as in no logging) and Loggers.ANDROID (logs to Logcat via Log.d).
    • If the rainbowcake-timber dependency is included, Loggers.TIMBER may also be used to log via Timber. Note that this doesn’t plant any Trees, you still have to do that yourself.